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Why Custom? 

A custom window treatment is all about the details. Each project is designed for your unique space, taking in to account your color scheme, design preference, scale of the room and budget. There simply is no comparison with ready-made products.


The Windows of Opportunity


Custom Fit

 Each treatment is tailor-made for your window. Two story windows, bays or arch windows all require special hardware and experience to dress properly. Small windows can be visually increased to enhance their drama and elegance in a room. 

Deep pleats, Generous Hems and Lush Fullness 

These details make all the difference to make draperies hang better and gives them a custom look.


All of our treatments are fully lined with top quality linings which are chosen to best suit your fabric and design needs. The correct lining adds body and protects your fabric. Blackout lining is standard on all of our valances to prevent any shadowing when light comes through. 

Pattern Placement 

Patterns are matched across every seam to give a continuous flow to the design. We pay careful attention to pattern placement on valances, pillows and cushions to ensure the important elements are positioned perfectly.

Cording, Trims, Tassels 

These can be added to any window treatment for a one-of-a-kind look. These are often hand sewn to ensure they lay properly.

Fabrics Galore! 
We carry hundreds of beautiful, on trend, designer fabrics which are brought directly to your home. Complimentary swatches are available upon request. 

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